Celebration of Women - Portraits of Women - Photo Competition


Portraits of Women
Photo Competition

Be part of our Celebration of Women month. Send in your photo tribute to women and win fabulous prizes!

During October, South China Morning Post (SCMP) will be celebrating, supporting and empowering women through our editorial, our events, promotions and partnerships. We invite our readers to join in the celebration by participating in our Portraits of Women photo competition. Show off your photographic skills by capturing the essence of a woman, or the women in your life you want to celebrate. Or create a photographic work of art that celebrates women. Winning and selected works will be displayed at our exhibition at Festival Walk from 21st to 30th October 2011, and featured in the South China Morning Post.


  1. This Competition is open to all Hong Kong residents except staff of SCMP and Schmidt Marketing (H.K.) Ltd, and the panel of judges for this Competition. SCMP may reject any participants SCMP considers not qualified pursuant to this clause, have breached or failed to observe or comply with these rules and regulations or otherwise, from taking part in the Competition and such decision of SCMP shall be final and conclusive.
  2. Participants must send in photo entries that represent or capture the uniqueness of women in different every day activity. This could include images of landscapes, buildings, people, sights and scenes that illustrate and/or capture the nature of women, either at work or at leisure, in Hong Kong. The list given here is only an example and is non-exhaustive.
  3. Photos capturing women in unusual activities are encouraged.
  4. Participants may only participate in one category.

    JUNIOR CATEGORY (Hong Kong residents under 18 years old)
    prize images

    ADULT CATEGORY (Hong Kong residents 18 years old or above) prize images

  5. Regardless of the number of entries submitted by a participant, he/she will only stand to win one prize.
  6. Each entry must be the sole, original and unpublished work of the participant.
  7. Digital manipulation that distorts the reality of the photo will not be allowed. Only basic enhancements such as sharpening, contrast adjustment, converting colour images to black & white will be allowed.
  8. For images captured on film, it is the participant's responsibility to scan the image into digital "JPEG" format.
  9. Any submission containing or implying pornographic, slanderous, obscene or vulgar content shall be immediately disqualified. SCMP's decisions in this respect shall be final and conclusive.
  10. Any entry that has been previously published or has entered into any previous international or national photographic competition shall be immediately disqualified. SCMP's decisions in this respect shall be final and conclusive.
  11. The photos can be taken with any camera, including phone cameras.
  12. Each entry will be judged for its originality, creativity, content, and technique.
  13. Submission

  14. Each photo entry is to be submitted in both hardcopy print AND digital image in CD:
    1. Print size: 20cm x 30cm (super 8R size) or 20cm x 25cm (8R size) AND
    2. Digital image: JPEG format with a minimum resolution of 3,800 pixels on the longer side
  15. Each participant may submit a maximum of eight (8) photos in either colour or monochrome.
  16. Each entry must be accompanied by a title and a caption of not more than 50 words on what the photo represents.
  17. An official entry form can be found on http://promotions.scmp.com/women/photo/, and the following particulars must be submitted with each photo:
    1. Name (as in HKID)
    2. Address
    3. Mobile Number
    4. Email Address
    5. Title of Entry
    6. Caption (less than 50 words)
      Digital file must be labeled in the following format:
      Full Name_Mobile Number_Title_Photo No.
      eg. John_Wong_91111111_Beauty_at_work_01
  18. Each participant must download and complete the entry form and attach the completed entry form to the back of each photo for submission.
  19. Photos and CDs submitted will become property of SCMP and will not be returned to participants. SCMP shall in no event be responsible for any damages or loss to any entries, when the entries are in their possession or in transit or otherwise.
  20. All entries are to be submitted by 12 October 2011, 5.30pm (or such other date and time SCMP may otherwise announce) to:
      South China Morning Post
      Morning Post Centre
      22 Dai Fat Street
      Tai Po Industrial Estate
      New Territories, Hong Kong
      Office Hours: Monday to Friday: 9am – 6pm
  21. Entries submitted after the closing date and time shall not be accepted. SCMP's decisions in this respect shall be final and conclusive.
  22. Judging

  23. SCMP will convene a panel of judges (or by such alternative means as SCMP considers appropriate) to determine the winners for both the Junior and Adult categories. If necessary, the same panel of judges will also shortlist the top winning photos for publication and/or exhibition.
  24. The judges' or SCMP's decisions are final, and no correspondence pertaining to the judging and the shortlisting process will be entertained.
  25. Organiser's Rights

  26. By participating in this Competition or submitting any photos and materials to SCMP for the Competition, the participant:-
    1. irrevocably authorises SCMP from time to time to use, keep, dispose, reproduce, publish, display, put to public voting, publish, make available for public display all or any of the photos in different channels, media and circumstances and/or otherwise deal with the photos anywhere and in any manner as SCMP considers appropriate. No fees will be payable to the participants for or incidental to the use of the photos by SCMP under this clause. However, if a participant's work(s) is selected to be used in a coffee table book or on an annual calendar to be published by SCMP, SCMP may at its discretion offer a copy of the book/calendar to the participant as a token of appreciation.
    2. warrants that:-
      1. the photos are original work of the participant, and have not been published or publicly displayed before;
      2. the participant has the full right to make the authorisation in clause 23(a), and the use of the photos by SCMP pursuant to clause 23(a) above will not infringe any third party's intellectual property rights; and
      3. the participant has obtained the permission of each person (if any) clearly identifiable in the photos for submitting the photos.
    3. agrees to indemnity and keep SCMP fully indemnified for all claims, damages, liabilities, costs and expenses arising from or in connection with the photos or any breach of the rules and regulations herein by the participant.
  27. The submission of entries signifies the acceptance of this rules and regulations. Non-compliance may result in disqualification.
  28. Prizes

  29. All the prizes of the Competition are sponsored and provided by Schmidt Marketing (H.K.) Ltd directly. In case of any disputes or complains related or incidental to any of the prizes, the decisions of SCMP shall be final, conclusive and binding on you and all other participants.
  30. Prizes are non-negotiable, non-transferable, non-refundable and not exchangeable for cash credit or kind, either in part or in full. Prizes cannot be sold or bartered.
  31. Winners will be notified individually by e-mail and/or telephone. SCMP may use your name, mobile number and/or e-mail address to update you with any future events, and SCMP's products and/or services. SCMP may also use such information in accordance with the SCMP's privacy policy (available at https://register.scmp.com/privacy.php).
  32. By accepting, using and enjoying any prize, the winning participants agree to attend the relevant prize presentation ceremonies (if any) to be organised by SCMP; agree that such ceremonies may be photographed and/or recorded in any media SCMP considers appropriate; and agree to assign to SCMP (or waive if and to the extent not assignable) any rights, interests or intellectual property rights (including copyrights, moral and personality rights) that they may have in the photographs and the recordings (if any) of the ceremonies in all media whatsoever whether in existence now or created in the future.
  33. General

  34. SCMP's decision on all matters relating to this Competition is final and conclusive for all purposes. Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, SCMP reserves the absolute right to determine and choose the Winners in any alternative manner as SCMP may in its absolute discretion consider appropriate, and any such decision announced by SCMP shall be final and conclusive.
  35. SCMP will not be responsible for any late, lost, misdirected, illegible, incomplete or incorrect entries.
  36. SCMP reserves its absolute right to at any time cancel, terminate, postpone or modify the Competition, to amend any of these rules and regulations and/or to reject any photos or any participants from taking part in this Competition without giving any explanation and without prior notice.